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(via Edna Machirori: ‘Freedom of the Press’ Just Words on Paper in Zimbabwe - Global Voices - Edna Machirori - Truthdig)
As things stand now, any attempts by the Zimbabwean media to subject public officials to scrutiny and make them accountable for their actions is anathema to the powers that be.
- 2014/10/14

(via Beyond Orwellian Nightmares and Neoliberal Authoritarianism - Truthdig)
Those who fight against neoliberalism must not settle for reforming a system that is as broken as it is dangerous. Any viable, transformative struggle will need a boldly democratic vision; durable, longstanding organizations; and strategies that make politics meaningful.
- 2014/10/18

(via Seven Worst-Case Scenarios in the Battle With Islamic State - Truthdig)
The U.S. is again at war in the Middle East, bombing freely across Iraq and Syria and searching desperately for some non-American boots to put on the ground. Here are seven worst-case scenarios in a part of the world where the worst case has regularly been the best that’s on offer.
- 2014/10/17

(via Jon Stewart: ‘It’s Hard to Imagine This Is Our Country’ - Truthdig)
When current Florida Gov. Rick Scott initially refused to debate former Gov. Charlie Crist due to a “ball fan” placed beneath Crist’s legs Wednesday night, the “Daily Show” host rediscovered the reason he got into the business of political satire in the first place.
- 2014/10/18

(via Chris Hedges: Ordained to Write - Chris Hedges - Truthdig)
Three decades ago Chris Hedges sought to become a minister and report the war in El Salvador. A church committee refused to see his work as a journalist as a valid call to the ministry. On Oct. 5 his ordination—marked by addresses from James Cone (above) and Cornel West—finally took place.
- 2014/10/13

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